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For anybody who's enjoyed the League of the Lexicon main game and is hungry for more, the special editions are a must-have.

Using the die, artefacts and character cards from the main game, special editions can either be played separately, or incorporated into the main game. 



Assembled by polyglot linguist Gaston Dorren (author of Babel and Lingo), the Global Edition contains 500 facinating questions about languages around the world. Perfect for all wordies, well-travelled or not.

Suitable for players ages 10+.



Written by world famous slang lexicographer Jonathon Green (Green's Dictionary of Slang, The Stories of Slang, Language!, Cassell Dictionary Of Slang, Odd Job Man and more) contains 500 facinating questions on slang, cant, swearing and everything pertaining to the vulgar tongue.

Due to its subject matter and salty language, the Slang Edition is advised for adult players only.



With the Junior Edition, written by the game's creator Joshua Blackburn, younger players can join any game of League of the Lexicon. With 500 brain-teasing questions probing every corner of language, it’s perfect for young word hounds to sink their teeth into.

Suitable for ages 8+.


£45.00 Regular Price
£40.50Sale Price
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