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These FAQs have been prepared for any Kickstarter of Pre-Order Store backers who are waiting for their expansions packs and add-ons to arrive... We will update this section with news of delivery dates as we know them. If your question isn't answered here, please drop us a line and we will get back to you. 


Do I choose an expansion if I added it as an add-on?
No. If you chose an expansion as add-on, it will be in your basket. (Although you will have shipping to pay on it... And if you're UK / EU, there'll be sales tax too.)

Do I need to select an expansion if it's part of my pledge level? If so, how do I do it?
If your pledge level includes an expansion, you need to select this from the add-on store. 
Just choose the number of expansions for which you are eligible:
Early Bird = 1 expansion
Full Monty = 2 expansions
Keep One Give One = 4 expansions
Lexicon Lovers = 4 expansions

BackerKit has a weird system of 'credit' which you use to pay for your expansions.
However, please note: this 'credit' might seem *less* than the value of the expansions you're entitled to... that's because it's also 
deducting shipping and tax up-front! Please ignore this! Order the expansions you're owed... You will, I'm afraid, have expansion pack shipping to pay. And if you're a UK / EU customer, there'll be sales tax too. But this was explained in the Kickstarter campaign. 


Do I need to select a Kickstarter-exclusive question deck if it's part of my pledge level?
No. This has automatically been added. You can always choose additional packs if you want, but there's no need to add one. 

What's the difference between the 150 card Digital Download included in my pledge and the Digital Edition in the store??
The 150-card Digital Download was created as a 'taster' of the questions and was only available on Kickstarter. 
We subsequently decided, thanks to many requests, to provide a complete Digital Edition of the question deck, exclusively available to those who had the game. We did this because the game is heavy (1.8kg) and therefore not very portable. By having the Digital Edition, all you need is your game dice, Artefacts and Character cards, and you can take it anywhere. It's a neat thing to have. And only costs £8. 

I've added my expansions as instructed... do I also need to add my main game / Kickstarter-exclusive question cards / Digital Download etc?
No. These are all added automatically. It's just the expansion packs you need to add. 


According to my pledge level, I should have £X to spend on expansions, but the credit shows a lot less. What gives?
If you're seeing this, you're probably an EU or UK backer. And what you're seeing is BackerKit unhelpfully deducting VAT from your credit balance. Sales tax *is* due, but BackerKit is really confusing people by showing it this way. Please choose the expansion packs which your pledge level entitles you to. I'm afraid there'll be a balance to pay... but this is the cost of expansion shipping and sales tax, which was always going to be added by the pledge manager.

Why am I now being smacked with a large sales tax charge?
This only affects UK / EU customers. 
The product price on Kickstarter did not include sales tax, but I'm afraid we need to charge it. And it was always our stated plan to charg
e for this in the pledge manager.
Normally we don't see this because sales tax is 'hidden' in the price of the product. But the main game on Kickstarter was £28 (ex VAT), which equates to £33.60 (inc VAT). What's weird, but correct, is that sales tax is now due. Sorry!

When are we charged by BackerKit?
BackerKit will charge cards around the first or second week of November. A number of backers have asked for a bit of advance notice before this happens, so we will post a 'heads up' here and on Kickstarter. 


I'm in Australia (NZ, Canada, etc) and the cost of shipping one expansion pack seems crazy. Shurely shome mishtake?
I know! It looks crazy. But here's how it is:
We work with a shipper who's a tried-and-trusted Kickstarter shipper. They have a minimum weight threshold for shipping of 1kg. So that first add-on *is* expensive to ship. But if you add a second add-on, you'll see the shipping barely budges. And a third add-on is just a small increase in price. 

Can I have my main game and expansion shipped at the same time to save money? 
Sadly not. Totally makes sense. Would save money and be more environmentally friendly, but we're just not geared up to do this. Really sorry!

Now I've seen how expensive my expansion pack shipping is, can I modify my order, cancel or get a full or partial refund? 
I'm afraid we just don't have the setup to start downgrading orders or doing refunds. To do a refund costs us a lot, because we've already paid Kickstarter / Stripe fees on your pledge. It's not so simple as just reversing a payment. Really sorry!

I backed the Digital Download Sampler in the Kickstarter campaign... when do I get it? 
We will send links to this out as soon as the Pledge Manager is locked... won't be long!

When do I get the Digital Download Edition? 
The download page for this will be opened on December 23rd...


(including Australia & New Zealand)

What's the deal? 
Although games have been with our Asia region shippers since the middle of October, we've just discovered that they have only now been sent to local shipping hubs. And that means they won't arrive for Christmas. We are furious, and you have every right to be too. 

So when's my game arriving?
Please consult the table below...

2022 Dec 15 VFI shipping dates WEB.png

What are you doing to make things right?
For folk expecting to give League of the Lexicon as a Christmas present, it's hard to make amends. It's a real blow. But we want to do something. We are therefore making a special  5-card Down Under pack of questions with an exclusively Antipodean theme to send to every backer affected by this delay. If you are already receiving expansions, the Down Under pack will be included with your order; but if you only ordered the game, this will be sent without a shipping charge. In either case, this will be sent around March, when all other expansions are due to be sent out.

Why did you prioritise a big retailer at the cost of Kickstarter backers?
We didn't. Games for Asia region were ready and waiting ages ago. We have one retailer, Waterstones in the UK. But this delay is nothing to do with that. We were on track to get this game to Asia region backers on time... but were only just informed how late the product had shipped from China. We are gutted. 


I've received my game but it's damaged. What do I do?
We're sorry to hear that! Please contact support (at) twobrothersgames (dot) co (dot) uk, sending pictures of the damaged item and we will get back to you.

I've spotted an error on a question card. Do you want to know about it? 
Absolutely! Although we've run countless rounds of proofreading, we know errors will be lurking to embarass us. If you spot an error, please let us know and we will correct it for future print editions. You can use the contact form here. 


Send us a message using our contact form and we'll get back to you. 

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